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» Can you see when angels are crying?

When I asked a boy if he could see angels tears when they are crying
The words sang in his heart och said
I have seen theirs tears because when i am crying
The sky is crying with me

When he asked me if I could see the tears too
I remember that I said that I could see theirs tears
Cause I was one of those angels who cried

He called me an angel who
Never cry in front of a face
I was an angel who hidde myself
For everthing

I knew, I knew
As I said before

I couldn't do anything for my heart
The heart cried, I cried

You can if you let me come into you live more, he said
But I can't let someone come in my life or my world
Cause I believe that I die easily if someone saw me cry

Someone said that I don't know before I had let it happen
But I know myself, I can just say - Never
The words sang in my heart och said
But you know the words "Never say never"

I said that
I know myself

There's no end
Our friendshop will remain, forever
And I will never hate you if you saw me cry

There's nothing called "that day" you will se my tears fall
And yes, I was an angel who cried
Behind your eyes


♥ från putte

aa har hittat mig fram till bloggvärlden nu :)

2008-10-14 @ 00:26:55
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♥ från Malin

skrivit den själv? nyfiken.. har ju sett dina gamla "dikter" i så jag vet ju vad du kan.. :)

2008-10-14 @ 22:34:42
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